For the past 35 years I have hiked, physically and spiritually, into a wonderland of monumental boulders, beautiful lakes, and majestic clouds that slowly yet inevitably change into beautiful and blissful shapes of light and color.


I continue to paint the Wichita Mountains Refuge with unrelenting curiosity and passion, while also hiking the terrain and quietly absorbing her beauty without painting. These memories of passing time stir my imagination and bring it to life, inspiring me to think more deeply about the mysteries of life while capturing a fleeting moment from day to night. This journey has taken me to different realms of creative exploration, allowing me to craft landscapes inspired by what I feel as opposed to what I see. The refuge has become more abstract, mysterious and enlightening as I allow my intuition to reflect its hidden intricacies on canvas. A feeling of hardness can take over your spirit when away from Nature. By maintaining a connection with Nature on a regular basis, I continue to nourish a euphoric sense of purpose and self-realization.


Katherine Liontas-Warren

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